Beer Pong

You need


x 12

Ping Pong Balls

x 2



Game Rules

Craving a fun and social drinking game that's easy to learn but keeps the competition fierce? Look no further than Beer Pong! It's a classic party game that combines aiming skills, teamwork, and a little bit of luck, making it perfect for any gathering

How to Play
Setup: You'll need 2 ping pong balls and 12 cups

1. Arrange the 12 cups in a triangle formation on each end of the table. Fill 'em up with your beverage of choice (beer pong traditionalists use beer, but feel free to get creative!)

Beer pong rules illustration

2. Make 2 teams of up to 1-3 players

Beer pong rules illustration

4. Each team now takes turns trying to toss a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups (Choose a starting team through a challenge such as rock, paper, scissors or similar)

Beer pong rules illustration

5. If a ball lands in a opposing team's cup, one person from that team must then chug the contents and remove the cup from the table

Ending: When a team manages to remove all the cups from the opposing team, they are crowned the winner. The losers must then drink the remaining cups of the winner team


These rules are optional but recommended

- SAVE: If your team throws a ball and it misses the opposing team's cups, but still remains on the table or hasn't hit the ground yet, you may attempt to take the ball back before the opposing team can grab it. If you're succesful in retrieving the ball, you get another shot, but the shot has to be trickshot!
(Examples of trickshots are being blindfolded, shooting backwards etc.)

Beer pong rules illustration

- BLOW: If a ball is hovering on the rim of your cup and still hasn't touched the liquid, you may attempt to blow the ball out with your mouth, saving your cup

- BOUNCE: Feeling fancy? You can choose to bounce the ball on the table before hitting into a cup. If successful, you get to eliminate two cups instead of one! But watch out, the other team can try to catch the bounced ball after it hits the table once, negating your shot

- REDEMPTION: If a team runs out of cups they may get one last chance to hit a redemption shot. The team throws the ball and if they hit the opposing team's cups, the game continues and they regain a cup. If they miss, the game is over

- SENSEI TIP: While beer is traditional, consider using water in the cups for better hygiene and reusability. Just keep your actual drinks on the side, ready to be consumed as cups get eliminated