Buffalo Rules

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Game Rules

Craving a drinking game that's equal parts silly and challenging? Look no further than Buffalo! It's a fun group game that combines counting, hand signals, and a little bit of strategy – all with the potential for hilarious mistakes (and drinks!)

How to Play
Setup: Get at least 4 players together and form a circle. You're in the buffalo herd now!

Buffalo rules illustration

1. Start with the number 1 and count upwards. Instead of saying the next person's name, clap your shoulder on their side (left or right), while saying the current number to pass the turn to them

2. The next person then has to say the next number and while also clapping their left shoulder or their right shoulder to keep the game going

Buffalo rules illustration

3. For numbers 7 and 14, you have to use a special hand signal, holding your arms out in parellel pose in front of you (shown in the picture below)

4. The next person in line is then determined by where your arms are pointing: bottom arm for 7 and top arm for 14

Buffalo rules illustration

5. If someone forgets the number, says the wrong number, or messes up the hand signals, they have to take a sip of their drink and start a new round again

6. Once you triumphantly reach 21, shout "Buffalo!" and point with two fingers behind your ears at another player who now has to finish their drink and make a new rule to the game

Buffalo rules illustration

7. These rules can be anything from switching up numbers, saying other words instead of numbers or doing small actions.

8. The game then repeats with the new rules applied, making each attempt crazier and harder to reach 21!

Buffalo rules illustration

Ending: Game has no official end and can keep going forever, have fun!