Drunk Poker

You need

Deck of Cards

x 1

Poker Chip

x 300



Game Rules

Decide on the version of poker you want to play (Texas Hold'em is a popular choice for its simplicity and fast pace). Ensure all players have a basic understanding of the poker hands and rules. If using chips: distribute poker chips equally among players.

Follow the standard rules of the poker game you've chosen. Players bet, bluff, and strategize to win hands, the drinking rules add an extra layer of fun and unpredictability.

Drinking Rules:
Instead of playing for money, the bets will involve drinks. Here are a few ways to integrate drinking into the game:

1. Instead of a monetary value, players can place a drink wager. For example, the bet could be one or more sips of their drink.

2. The player who folds or loses a hand takes a drink.

3. The player who wins with a high-ranking hand (e.g., full house or better) can choose another player who must finish their drink.

4. If a player is caught bluffing (called out and then loses), they take two sips. If they win, the challenger takes two sips instead.

Ending: Decide beforehand how the game will end - after a set amount of time, when a player reaches a certain number of chips, or when the players choose to stop. The player with the most chips at the end can be declared the winner, with a fun, agreed-upon consequence for the player with the fewest chips, like finishing their drink or doing a dare (link to truth and dare).