Drunk Uno

You need

Set of Uno Cards

x 1



Game Rules

Drunk UNO is the perfect twist on the classic card game that combines strategy, a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of drinking fun!

Play it like Regular UNO (mostly): The core gameplay of regular UNO applies here
Match the color or number on the discard pile, play a special card, or draw a card if you can't play anything

Drinking Rules:

1. Everytime you draw a card, take a sip

2. If you draw from recieving a +2 or +4 card, you drink for each card you draw

3. Stacking drinks: +2 can be stacked with +2 and +4 cards can be stacked with +4. These stacks also mean sips stacks!

4. Skipped or Reversed? Take a sip!

5. The Notorious Uno Rule: Everyone knows the importance of yelling "UNO" when you have one card left. If you forget to yell "UNO" and someone calls you out, you have to chug the rest of your drink and draw 5 cards

Ending: When someone finally gets rid of all their cards, it's time to count the losers' cards. Each card equals 1 drink, and +2 and +4 cards add to the total. Bottoms up!