You need


x 10

Ping Pong Balls

x 2



Game Rules

Looking for a drinking game that's equal parts fun, frantic, and fiery (well, almost)? Look no further than Fireball! It's a fast-paced game that keeps everyone engaged and can lead to some hilarious moments (and potentially even emptier wallets)

How to Play
Setup: You need 10-20 cups, two ping pong balls and at least 4 players

1. Fill the cups 1/4 with your beverage of choice except one cup which will be the mighty king and has to be filled up 3/4

Fireball rules illustration

2. Now, place the king (filled 3/4 full) in the center of the table

Fireball rules illustration

3. Surround the king with the remaining 1/4 cups forming a circle

4. Finally, put two empty cups in front of two players sitting directly across from each other (not right by the table's edge!)

Fireball rules illustration

5. The starting players take turns bouncing a ping pong ball off the table and into their empty cup in front of them.
If you toss it in the first try, you get to choose any other player to send your cup to. If it takes you two or more tries to bounce the ball in your cup, you have to send it to the player on your left

Fireball rules illustration

6. If another player's cup catches up to yours while you're still trying to bounce the ball in, you owe them a drink! Pass the cup you recieved from them to the next person on the left. Afterwards, grab a cup from the circle, chug its contents, and add it to your stack of cups you still need to bounce the ball into. Then, it's your turn to keep bouncing

7. If while bouncing your ball, you manage to hit one of the cups with alcohol in the center, you must chug its contents and stack it in your cup before continuing

Ending: The game ends when all cups are empty and the middle king cup is chugged by a player