Flip Cup

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x 8



Game Rules

Flip Cup is a competitive team drinking game, involving 1 to 8 players per team. The essence of the game is for each team to finish their beers and flip their cups in a relay fashion as quickly as possible

How To Play:
Setup: Form two teams.

2. Arrange a cup for each participant on the table, positioned along the table's length

3. Pour a predetermined amount of beer into each cup

4. At the start signal, the first player of each team chugs their beer

5. After finishing their beer, they need to flip their cup by positioning the cup so it slightly overhangs the table's edge, tapping the bottom of the cup with a finger to make it perform a half flip and land upside down. If they fail, they have to try again until they are successful

6. Once the first player has flipped their cup and it is resting upside down, the next team member takes their turn

Ending: The team that manages to get all their members to complete the drinking and flipping challenge first, wins!