Horse Race

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Deck of Cards

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Game Rules

Calling all party animals!
Looking for a drinking game that's easy to learn, keeps everyone engaged, and injects some friendly competition into your next gathering? Look no further than Horse Race! It's a thrilling game that combines chance, strategy, and a little bit of luck, making it perfect for any party crowd

How to Play
Setup: All you need is a deck of cards and cups (one per player)

1. Choose a game master to oversee the race and keep things lively (Their role is to administrate the horse race and narrate it)

2. The game master lines up four cards face-up, each representing a different suit (these are your horses!). Then, shuffle the rest of the deck and place it face down next to them

Horse race drinking game illustration

3. Afterwards, line up 7 cards face-down ahead of the starting 4 cards, forming a track.
(For reference look at the illustration below)

Horse race drinking game illustration

4. Now, for the exciting part – betting!
Each player chooses a suit (their "horse") and bets an choosen amount of sips on it, which they'll give out if their horse wins or drink themselves if their horse does not win

Horse race drinking game illustration

5. The race starts by the game master drawing a card from the deck, revealing the suit. That lucky suit ("horse") gets to move one step forward on the race track
(The line of seven cards laid face down in front of the starting horses)

Horse race drinking game illustration

6. The game master then repeats this each turn, slowly moving the horses up the track

7. As the race progresses and horses move up the track, they will eventually move past each face-down card. When all horses make to or past a row of an faced-down card, the game master flips it over.
The suit revealed on the flipped card then forces its corresponding suit ("horse") to take a step back

8. The race continues with the game master drawing cards and flipping track cards, horses moving forward and potentially back, until one brave steed (suit) makes it past the seventh and final track card

Ending: When a player’s suit wins, they get to give out 2x the amount of sips they bet. If a player's suit does not win they drink the sips they bet themselves