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Game Rules

Craving a suspenseful game that combines a dash of luck with a whole lot of bluffing? Look no further than Liar, a dice game that will test your honesty (or your ability to convincingly lie) and keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

How to Play
Setup: All you need is a group of 3+ friends and some drinks

1. Each player starts with six lives which can be tracked with dice or simply by keeping count, decreasing from 6 to 1 as each player loses rounds.

2. The first player gets to secretly roll the dice inside a cup or container and after seeing the roll can decide to:
- Tell the Truth: Announce the actual number rolled on the dice
- Bluff the number: Try your luck and claim a higher or lower starting number than what you actually rolled

3. The dice (still hidden) is then passed to the next player clockwise and they now have a choice:
- Trust the roll: Believe the previous player and let it become your turn
- Call the Bluff: Accuse the previous player of lying! If they were indeed bluffing, they lose a life, but if you accuse wrongly, you lose a life yourself! The loser then starts a new round

4. If you choose to trust the previous person, the round continues and you now have to roll the dice

5. Depending on the number you roll, you may now be represented with a few choices:
- Rolled same or higher: Announce the new number and pass the dice to the next player
- Rolled lower: Bluff and say a different number than what you got
- Try your luck: If you roll a lower number but dont feel confident in bluffing, you can choose to roll the dies again, this time not looking at the dice and directly passing it to the next player, announcing "that or above" (That number then becomes your new number and has to be compared to the last announced number)

6. As the rounds go on the numbers will keep increasing until eventually reaching the highest number, Mia!
If Mia is reached the player can either roll for Mia as well and lose a life if lower or check the dice for a bluff. If the dice shows Mia, the accuser loses 2 lives, but if the dice shows a different number, the person who said Mia loses 2 life's

Ending: The game ends when someone loses all lives

- You may always bluff no matter the circumstances, even if you roll lower or HIGHER than the previous roll, you're still allowed to bluff and say a lower number
- If a person does not hear the last mentioned number, they can ask for it to be repeated, but you're not OBLIGATED to answer. This means player's have to pay attention to the game or be vulnable to bluffs