Most Likely To

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Game Rules

Looking for a fun party game that gets everyone talking and pointing fingers at each other? Look no further than Most Likely To! It's a simple yet addictive game that breaks the ice, sparks hilarious conversations, and can lead to some surprising discoveries about your friends

How to Play
Setup: Players sit in a circle, each with their drink.

1. A player asks a question starting with "Who is most likely to…" followed by a humorous or intriguing scenario like "…forget their own birthday?" or "…become a millionaire?"

2. After the question is asked, everyone counts to three and then points at the person they think is most likely to do what was mentioned in the question.

3. The person who has the most fingers pointing at them must drink. The number of sips typically equals the number of fingers pointing at them.

4. The role of asking questions rotates around the circle, with the next person in order asking the next "Most likely to" question.

Ending: The game doesn't have a set end and can go on for as many rounds as the players are willing.