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Deck of Cards

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Game Rules

Looking for a fun and suspenseful drinking game that combines memory, bluffing, and a little bit of luck? Look no further than Pyramid! It's a thrilling game that keeps everyone engaged and can lead to some hilarious moments

How to Play
Setup: Grab a deck of cards and cups for each player.

1. Deal the cards face down in a pyramid shape on the table, starting with five cards on the bottom row and working your way up to one card at the top

(5 cards in the bottom row, 4 above, then 3, 2 and 1 in the top row)

Pyramid drinking game illustrationPyramid drinking game illustration

2. Afterwards, deal 4 cards to each player. The players need to remember the cards they were given and then place them face down in front of them

3. Game begins by flipping a card from the bottom row of the pyramid. If you have a matching card in your hand, you can call it out and give out sips to any other player

4. BUT, you may also choose to bluff and claim to have the matching card even if you dont have it

Pyramid drinking game illustration

5. Player's can either choose to trust you and take the sips or call your bluff. If they call your bluff, you have to reveal the matching card to prove your innocence. If you're caught bluffing, you get double the amount of sips you were trying to bluff instead!

(After a called bluff, the player in question gets a new fourth card to replace previous one)

6. Once all five cards in the bottom row are flipped, you move up to the next level of the pyramid.
When you move up, the amount of sips to give out also goes up by one, till the very top where the last card gives 5 sips

Ending: When all the cards in the pyramid has been flipped, the game ends.
All players then have to remember their concealed cards and take turns saying their suit and value in order.
For every card they get wrong they have to take 2 sips

Pyramid drinking game illustration

Extra Rules
- If you want to add extra stakes to the game, you can flip every other card so they are horizontal. These cards are now double the sips of the others, meaning 2 for the lowest level, then 4, 6, 8 and sometimes even a 10 sip card