Ride the Bus

You need

Deck of Cards

x 1



Game Rules

Grab your drinks, sit down with your friends, and prepare for a bumpy ride as you board the bus!
You have to give it your best as you guess what the dealer draws for four rounds in an attempt to get off the busride.

Drinking Rules:

1. Choose a person to be the driver/dealer, and have them shuffle the deck of playing cards

2. The dealer chooses a person in the group who boards the bus, and initiates the question rounds! Should the player answer incorrectly in one of the four rounds, the rounds restart from the beginning, and the player drinks an amount of sips corresponding to the round they reached

3. Dealer starts the four rounds by asking the player to guess “Red or Black”. Player has to guess the right suit color

4. Dealer then proceeds with “Higher or Lower”. Player has to guess if the next drawn card is higher or lower than the first drawn card

5. Next, the dealer asks “Between or Outside”. The player guesses whether the next drawn card fits within the scope of the two previous cards, or falls outside of it

6. For the final round, the dealer asks “Which suit”. The player guesses the suit of the last card drawn. Should they answer all four rounds correctly, they are let off the bus

Ending: The game ends when all players have been let off the bus!